I am a storyteller. I tell stories with words, with sounds, with the body, with images, with songs, with music, with movements, with space, with shapes and landscapes.
The storytelling enters into a dialogue with other art forms and develops all the time.
As a storyteller I unite stories with theatre, voice, music, performance, body and mythology and other art forms.
The storyteller crosses borders, explores and builds bridges between ancient and very new landscapes.


Meeting through art
I am very interested in meetings - meetings with strange and foreign cultures, other countries, other people and the unknown inside ourselves. Meetings between different art forms such as theatre, storytelling, performance and music.

I think that we need the wisdom and connection that the stories bring.
In the art of storytelling I find the deep simplicity, the room for improvisation and the close contact with the audience, which give us room for meeting and recognition.

I want my artistic work to take the form as a tribute to life and what keeps us alive and on the way towards life, towards death, towards ourselves, towards each other.

I have a background that originates from entertainment, circus acrobatics, street theatre, street music, commedia dell'arte and later on theatre training and Oriental theatre art with Tai Chi, Kung Fu and with a focus on working with the energy and dramatic movement of the body and the impulse of time and space.

I explore the meeting between the art of storytelling and other art forms such as music, the art of voice, pictures and the possibility of the physical expression to work with the story.
Besides that I examine the resonance between the archetypical material in human original stories and our contemporary modern everyday life.


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About the art of storytelling

I see the art of storytelling as a strong tool to find wisdom and understanding. The work of storytelling includes both cerebral hemispheres, senses, pictures, the body, and the entirety. I see the opportunity to use this language any number of times - in meetings with kids, young people and adults. On working places, insitutions and schools, communities, groups and in individual and personal context.

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