I was born the 5th of August in1963 in Copenhagen. As the eldest of 4 children I grew up in a restless academic family.
I survived my childhood by running around in the forest, climbing trees and making dens, drawing and painting inner pictures and landscapes, riding, speaking with the animals, listening to stories and spending time on my grandmother's beach.
Or else I locked myself in and disappeared into the books, into the stories.
I was insatiable in my search for stories about childhood and parents, about loneliness and fear, about defeating hurdles and keeping hope alive and about daring to continue to believe in myself and love.
Before I discovered the library, I was searching in my parents' bookcase.
I was reading Selma Lagerløf, Karen Blixen, Carson Mccullers, Knuth Becker, Dostojievski, Sonja Hauberg, Sandemose and much more.
Here it was also possible to get some air and recognize something deep inside myself.

Since then the literature has always been my loyal and passionate companion.
Later on I went to boarding school and then to high school, which I left with a crash and swore never again to set my foot in a theoretical institution.
I threw myself into life and wanted to do everything at the same time: Painting, making sculptures, peacework, protest actions, love and being absorbed, travelling all over the world to explore people and landscapes, climbing mountains and sailing cross the ocean, being a circus princess and a break-away queen, juggling and blowing with fire, singing wild gipsy songs and dancing all night, getting lost and breaking the limits - and I did it! Wild years of walking in the streets and in the mountains in the South. Street theatre, knocking about and circus school in Spain - and a very body-minded theatre school in Italy.

In 1988 my father died of cancer, 52 years old, and then I understood something said so often, but suddenly I could feel it in deep inside my body:
Life is a great gift, and we are here - right now - nobody knows where we are tomorrow. It is important to handle the gift well.                                   
In my work I try to celebrate the stories about life and the gifts we have been given.
Now I live in Andelssamfundet in Hjortshøj - an ecological village community near Århus - with my husband Aksel and our two girls, who inspire me and teach me something new every day.
I have my own touring theatre and work as an actor, performer, singer, storyteller, director, therapist and teacher.

During the years my source of inspiration has included Jung, Joseph Campbell and not least Marie Louise von Franz in connection with working with archetypes and basic human energy.
I have also become absorbed in the human voice and the connection between the inner and outer voice and the potential of exploring the instinctive through the sound and energy of our voices.
Here I often use the work with archetypes as a way to reflect and expand the landscape of the voice.
As a storyteller I often base my performances on myths and fairytales in the meeting with my own texts.

In my own life I have felt a great pleasure and healing in working with expressions, fairytales and myths, theatre, inner pictures, body and voice. These experiences and joy I would like to share.