I teach in storytelling, theatre and voice training for both kids, young people and adults.

Voxviva: Are you interested in voice and singing lessons for adults?
For more information: www.voxviva.dk

The power of the voice: I have a summer course at Vestjyllands Højskole in co-orporation with Søren Frieboe.

Besides that I also teach at Brita Haugens Management Training at Vestjyllands Højskole.

Expressive Voice Center: Together with Laila Skovmand and Mikkel Ferdinand I have founded Expressive Voice Center.
Here I also give lessons. For more information: www.movenact.dk

I teach storytellers, actors, communicators, singers, practitioners, drama students, hospital clowns, teachers and other professionals in e.g. the art of telling a good story, living personal appearance, the art of the voice and theatre, mythology, creativity and cultural meetings.

I direct big and small plays, performances and other artistic scenes.

In a great hall in Hjortshøj I receive groups and individuals for working sessions as desired and needed.

I also use my skills as a therapist in sessions with the voice, sound, body, dreams, pictures, expressions and inner contact.

On inquiry contact me here.