"For not so long ago it has been uttered that you must respect the General Education that exists in the oral Memories of our Fathers (and Mothers). Since I have som Experience as regards this Education I have wished to strengthen this great, but way too little respected thruth. Here it wouldn't be necessary to prove that we Human Beings cannot live without poetry when we want to be Human. Some need to receive, some need to give and thus the Folk poetry has arised, thus it has been kept, but still with Neologism, it is the simple consequence of the mental Need in the talented Human Being. More or less we eat into the rich Pictures and Memories of our childhood, and it wouldn't be good if we ever get so parched that we totally had forgot what moved inside our childlike souls. Likewise, it wouldn't be good if the Human Race became so intelligent, so little superstitiuos that it wouldn't be able to remember the great Phantasm that was created in the childhood of the Human Race.”
”About the cultured influence of our Writing of Folk Poetry” by Evald Tang Kristensen.