The prophecy of The Fortune Teller
The oldest story in the North. The fortune teller sings about the creation of the world, the death of the God Balder, the end of the world and the new life that rises again.

Kalevala – the great Finnish epos.

A Nordic fairytale about a girl who is born riding on a he-goat and with a ladle in her hand. Gipsy fairytales
Yannakis The Fearless, The Rose and The Musician, The White Hind and other eastern european fairytales from the gipsies' rich tradition of storytelling.

Stories by Selma Lagerløf
Christ legends, The Changeling, The road between heaven and earth, The Flame, The Legend about the Christmas roses and extracts from Gösta Berling's Saga and The Emperor of Portugalia.

Three creation myths from three different cultures
Inuit, Nordic and Maya.

Three love stories from three different cultures
Inuit, Nordic and Gipsy.

The Golden Apples
A concert story made in co-orporation with the Bulgarian women's choir Usmifka.

"Farizade with the rose smile" from Thousand and One Nights fairytales

Persefone's journey
- and other stories from the Greek mythology.

The gift of the party, The Skeleton Woman and other Inuit stories.

Stories by Karen Blixen
The blue eyes, The left eye of the camel, The Diver, The immortal story, The story of the ship's boy,
King Herod, and various extracts from stories and memories.

Quote by Karen Blixen.

Stories about death from different cultures.

The Heart of Heaven
- and other myths and stories from the Maya cultures in Mexico and Guatemala.

The Steel Woman
- and other myths and stories from Tuva - a steppe country in the middle of Asia.

Vasilisa and the witch Baba Jaga
A wonderful Russian fairytale about being send out in the dark to the witch Baba Jaga in order to get the necessary fire.

The Follower
A touching Nordic conjure-fairytale about how compassion can give us the power to free what we wish for.
A young man frees a person in a block of ice and gets help to release the princess from the violent troll.

Master maiden
A beautiful Nordic fairytale about a boy who is going to serve at a giant and how he handles all the trials with the help from a girl who he afterwards let down. Luckily, the girl doesn't give up that easily.

Seal skin, seal skin
A fairytale about returning to where we belong.

Ydun's apples
A Nordic story about what happens when the fertility goddess 
Ydun and her vigorous apples get stealed from Asgård by the giant Tjasse. About the values that keep us alive.

The story about a mother by H.C Andersen
A story about losing what means the most to you.

Thousand skin

A strong fairytale about hiding until you can step out in your true shape.

The Gift of the Party and other stories in the sledging trails of Knud Rasmussen.

In the footprints of Evald Tang Kristensen

About Evald's walk through the rainy heath chasing fairytales and songs.
I tell Jutlandic fairytales and sing ballads and folksongs.

Quote by Evald Tang Kristensen

The travel to the other side
A collection of stories from all over the world with the travel to the underwold as the main theme.

Thee Bird Phoenix
A universal story about fire, transformation, the very moment and eternity.

Read the creation story from Tuva.